3 Creative Outlets That Help Relieve Stress

3 Creative Outlets That Help Relieve Stress

No matter if you’re a busy student rushing to finish deadlines before the end of the semester or a working mom struggling to find time to balance your career and familial life, stress can get the best of any one of us. Finding a creative outlet for stress that you love can help you manage negative emotions in a healthy way. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try one of these creative hobbies that relieve stress!

  • Baking. There’s a reason why we call them “comfort foods!” After a long day, few experiences are as comforting as biting into a favorite treat. Many home cooks find the baking process therapeutic—and you get to munch on the delicious result at the end! Break out the cookbook and whip up a dish from your childhood, or head online and discover a new favorite to enjoy!
  • Meditation and reflection. Meditation and quiet self-reflection can take many forms. Some men and women like to practice yoga while others keep a journal where they can openly express their feelings. Whether you prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself or put them on paper, introspection and meditation can help guide you through stress.
  • Art. Some of the world’s greatest artists have developed their craft during times of adversity. Drawing, painting, sketching, and clay modeling can allow you to unwind, forget the stress of the day, and melt away into your work. Looking for a reason to get together with friends? You can even host a paint party with your closest friends for a creative stress-busting session in your own home!

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