3 Amazing Charities That Deserve Your Donations

3 Amazing Charities That Deserve Your Donations

Few things are quite as rewarding as giving back to your community. Unfortunately, not every charity devotes the entirety of their budget to the people or cause that they want to help. Certain charities give as little as 1% of their donations to their cause, spending the rest on marketing and administrative efforts.

If you’ve caught the summertime giving spirit, consider donating to one of these three amazing charities that are changing the world. All of them have an “A” rating from Charity Watch, an independent group that holds charities accountable. 

  • The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the highest-rated breast cancer charity effort in the United States, spending 88% of their donations on research for a cure. Making a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an amazing way to honor a woman who has battled with breast cancer. 
  • The Innocence Project. Did you know that about 350 individuals in the United States have had a wrongful conviction overturned thanks to DNA evidence that proved their innocence? The Innocence Project promotes the use of DNA evidence to prevent wrongful convictions and reopen cold cases, ensuring that everyone gets their fair day in court. 
  • The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Drug-free education starts at home. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids helps educate and empower young people who have a loved one who suffers with substance abuse say “no” to drugs. Making a donation to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids can help a child break the cycle and live a healthier life.

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