5 Exciting Kids Christmas Party Ideas

5 Exciting Kids Christmas Party Ideas

For many of us, the holiday season involves stressful checklists, countless dinner parties, chaotic shopping sessions, and lots of running around. Children, however, get to enjoy all the excitement of the holiday through a lens that filters out all of the “behind the scenes” tasks. With help from Pretty in Paint Parties, your kids and their friends will remember the best parts of the holidays, just as they should. If you’re planning a holiday party in your home and you know there will be small children present, use these five quick tips for an absolutely festive event:

  • Gingerbread house making contest. Nothing screams the holidays like a good ole’ fashioned gingerbread house. Of course, with kids claiming their spots as master decorators, you’ll be left judging some of the most creative houses yet. Set up a kid-friendly gingerbread house contest at your next holiday party and watch the excitement flow!
  • Holiday photo booth. Set up a table of a variety of holiday props for some adorable, festive shots. From turkey snoods and beaks, to antlers and elf ears, let their holiday spirit shine as they gather around the camera with their chosen props. 
  • Make it an art party. Art parties for kids in McHenry County can take your holiday party from merry to magnificent! Get the fun going with a night of fun and creativity this holiday season with Pretty in Paint Parties!
  • Play plenty of games. Plenty of fun and games will give kids an evening to remember! Games like holiday bingo, a candy hunt, pin the tail on the reindeer, and musical chairs are all holiday games that will entertain both kids and adults!

It’s important to embrace all the wonders of the holidays so you can enjoy these months as much as your little ones do. Start by booking your holiday kids paint party in McHenry County with Pretty in Paint Parties! If you’d like to learn more about the Pretty in Paint team or you’re ready to lock down your booking, give us a call today at 800-381-9512!

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