5 Ways To Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

A person wearing red gloves holding a small prsent wrapped in white wrapping paper and a red bow.

5 Ways To Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

The holidays aren’t just about eating yummy food and buying presents for your loved ones. It’s also the season to think about how you can give back to those in your community who are less fortunate. If you’re in the giving mood this winter, consider lending a helping hand in your local area. Use these 5 ideas to get started!

  • Donate toiletries. When it comes to homeless shelter donations, most people donate canned goods or other food items. However, there’s a lot more that these shelters need. Consider hosting a toiletry drive and giving things like toilet paper, baby wipes, and paper towels!
  • Double your donations. Many employers offer charity match programs where they’ll match any money you donate during the holidays. Ask your employer if your company has a charity match program and participate if you do!
  • Give more than money. Not everyone has the money to donate during the holidays. If you’re living on a tight budget, consider donating blood instead. Hospitals are always looking for blood donations — and it’s free.
  • Host a fun fundraiser. When most people think of a fundraiser, they imagine a bake sale or race for charity. However, there are tons of other ways to raise money — like hosting an art party! Research art fundraiser ideas and host a one-of-a-kind experience to reconnect with your community this season.
  • Give a school a helping hand. School budgets are often tight — and many teachers end up dipping into their own pockets to buy supplies for their classroom. Call your local school and ask if they have a “wish list” of school supplies they need for the coming year. If they do, create a donation box and start filling those pencil cases!

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