3 Fundraiser Ideas for COVID-19

3 Fundraiser Ideas for COVID-19

Are you looking for an excuse to celebrate? When it comes to all of the fun of throwing a home paint party, sometimes you don’t need a special occasion to gather with friends and family members! Here are a few great reasons to celebrate with a painting party today.

  • Girlfriends’ brunch. Friendship is something worth celebrating every day of the year! Why not show your girlfriends a little bit of appreciation with a sip and paint brunch celebration? No matter if you’re throwing your party in-person or you’re enjoying a virtual art event, planning a painting party is an excellent way to tell your friends that they’re appreciated.
  • The middle of a school semester. 2021 and 2020 have been rough years for everyone — from parents to school students. If your little one has been doing a better job adjusting to online classes, it might be a great idea to reward them with a painting party. Students of all ages who love arts and crafts can have fun with a painting party, as designs and canvas sizes can be adjusted to fit the needs and age group of your student. From toddlers to teenagers, a painting party at home is an excellent way to celebrate great test scores for a student that’s had trouble adjusting to the new school system.
  • A work project well done. Have you and your colleagues banded together to tackle a challenging task, sales presentation, or artistic project? Take some time to cool down and get back in touch with your creative side with a painting party! Painting parties don’t just help you let off some steam — they can also help you reconnect and strengthen your bond as a team after a stressful period of work!

Are you interested in learning more about throwing your own painting party? Pretty in Paint is here to help! To get started, reach out to our team today!

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