How to Organize Your Next at Home Paint and Sip Night

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How to Organize Your Next at Home Paint and Sip Night

Whether you want to inject an extra dose of fun into your next milestone birthday or your friends want to try something new instead of your usual routine, coming up with fresh ideas often feels like a struggle. Instead, you want to find an activity that everyone can agree on and will enjoy across the board but feels interesting enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s been done before. Then, as your friends argue about which brewery they want to try around you, you can start organizing an engaging at-home paint and sip night for everyone’s benefit. 

But before you send out the group text inviting everyone over, you want to ensure you have everything in place to host the best party possible. So here are our top tips for how to organize your next at-home paint and sip night.

Decide on the Finer Details

Hosting a successful painting party involves accounting for the most minute details and ensuring you have everything covered. Deciding on the essential information, including date, time, location, and guest lists, early on will help ensure your next shindig meets your group’s expectations. In addition, hammering out these details early will help ensure you get enough supplies for everyone and help with food preparations. 

Pick a Theme

Every party loves a good theme. You can shape your entire party around this idea and incorporate it into everything from the décor to the painting subject, drinks, and paint colors. Choosing your overall theme will help breathe life into your festivities and give your friends something to look forward to in the lead-up to the big night. 

Invite Your Guests

After you have finalized your guest list, it’s time to send out the invitations and get people excited. Choose your invitation medium and include the pertinent information they need beforehand. Include a gentle reminder that they should wear clothes that they won’t mind seeing get paint on them. As the liquid inspiration flows, errant splotches of paint can swiftly follow. 

Get the Painting Supplies

Now that you have invited your guests, it’s time to get the paint supplies for everyone. Taking the time to ensure you have the painting supplies needed for every guest helps take some of the anxiety off your plate. With the help of Pretty in Paint Parties, we help ensure you have everything you need to put on the best at-home paint party possible. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter the most to you and your friends without having to worry about if you’ve forgotten someone’s paint tools. 

Remember to Have Fun

No matter what, your at-home or on-location paint party should be a fun experience for everyone involved. You and your friends want to share an unforgettable experience surrounded by the people they love the most, having some drinks together and painting something regardless of their skill level. An at-home paint party can help liven up your nights out and create an indelible impression. 

If you want to plan the best paint and sip party possible, our team is ready to help! Learn more about Pretty in Paint Parties and discover how we can make your next party unforgettable today!

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