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Paint night brushes of different shapes and sizes

How to Organize Your Next at Home Paint and Sip Night

Whether you want to inject an extra dose of fun into your next milestone birthday or your friends want to try something new instead of your usual routine, coming up with fresh ideas often feels like a struggle. Instead, you want to find an activity that everyone can agree on and will enjoy across the board but feels interesting enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s been done before. Then, as your friends argue about which brewery they want to try around you, you can start organizing an engaging at-home paint and sip night for everyone’s benefit. Read More

What Are Effective Team-Building Exercises in the Workplace?

It can be tough to have a workplace that doesn’t interact much that also meets its full potential. In specific industries, it’s much more challenging to perform team bonding activities, but for most companies, ignoring team-building exercises only makes things harder on you, your team, and your clients. Fortunately, you can perform many activities for small and large groups to help build trust, improve communication skills, and help employees feel happier on the job. Here are a few effective team-building exercises you can start to implement today!Read More

Are Office Paint Parties the Next Great Team Building Event?

Building a healthy and enjoyable work environment for all your employees can be hard. Often the best way to help increase this is to have community events, where everyone can enjoy time together while doing something fun. Many work events have become popular in recent years, such as scavenger hunts, baking competitions, game nights, holiday parties, or even escape rooms and karaoke nights. But a unique and easy way to bring your employees together for a fun office event is team-building paint partiesRead More

hand holding paintbrush against canvas

7 Simple Tips for Painting on Canvas

Painting is a relaxing and rewarding hobby for people at every age and stage of life. However, there are so many different methods of painting that it can be difficult to know where and how to begin your journey. A great place to start is at the very beginning, with methods used by painters for centuries. If you’ve always wanted to try painting on stretched canvas like one of the great artists of the Renaissance, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Whether you’re a total painting beginner or an experienced artistic visionary, consider this your simple canvas painting guide!

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person dropping a heart into a donation box

Giving Back: How to Begin Raising Money for Charity

Fundraising is a great way to raise money for a cause you’re passionate about, but it’s also an effective way to spread the word about a charity’s message or goals. If you’ve been thinking about giving back to your community or a charitable organization, you could start by hosting your own charity fundraiser. Here are five tips to support your charitable giving and increase donations to your favorite charities.

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