Adult Paint Parties

Adult Paint Party – Customized for You


Unleash Your Inner Artist at our Adult Painting Parties

Who said arts and crafts are just for kids? Our talented artists will help bring out the inner Van Gough that’s hiding inside each of you and your friends. Our team comes to your adult painting party prepared, and we’ll quickly transform your living room or other area of your home into an art studio! No pointless sales pitches, no merchandise purchases required, and no pressure from affiliate marketers or businesses representatives — just a great time for you and your guests. Once your masterpieces are complete, your group will feel like distinguished artists worthy of your own group gallery.


Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

When we say creative juices, we are referring to adult beverages — of course, whether your adult paint party will have alcohol available to guests is up to your discretion! We also refer to adult beverages as “liquid inspiration,” as guests usually are more open and willing to take artistic risks after a few drinks.

Focusing on What Matters Most

After asking a lot of folks to explain what matters most to them when they are out with their best friends, we noticed one common theme; Good friends just want to spend quality time having fun together, laughing together, and just enjoying each other’s company! Pretty In Paint adult painting parties provides all of that and then some. Our adult paint parties are simply a great time full of laughter with no pressure in your own surroundings.

Be Yourself

One of the biggest drawbacks of attending formal painting classes is that you are surrounded by people you don’t know, in a place that you are not familiar with. This level of discomfort isn’t very conducive to creativity, and it’s certainly not the best recipe for a fun time. But with your own private adult painting party, you can be yourself, and your friends can be themselves too! With everyone in the room painting with an open mind, you will each be more likely to produce a masterpiece!

How do you set up a Pretty In Paint Adult Painting Party?

First, contact us to find your local artist, set a date for your event, then find a piece from our extensive gallery that is perfect for you and your friends; Or if you have something else in mind for your party, our artist can have a piece customized to your specific taste. All of the pieces in our gallery are original pieces of artwork from our commissioned artists. For adult painting parties and kids painting parties alike, you can choose any piece to have painted at your party or have a customized piece made at no extra charge.

Ready To Start Planning Your Adult Paint Party?

Even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school, you will be surprised at how well you can paint. You just need the help of our experienced artists! You never know, you just might find a new hobby or hidden talent! Contact us today to learn more or to start planning!