Arty Party Fundraisers

Looking for an idea to raise money?

gerbera daisy party

Fundraisers are not just a means for raising money, but an opportunity to spread a message on a larger-scale. The way in which money is raised typically revolves around sports, such as a running or biking event, or selling some sort of confection. While these methods are an excellent way to promote a message and goal, there is a ton of value in creative forms of fundraising as well — like painting.

There are many ways to explore art fundraiser ideas. With help from Pretty in Paint, you could raise money for a special charity and involve family, friends, and your local community by hosting an art party. Art-based fundraising ideas are engaging for many audiences, especially for those who may not necessarily enjoy active fundraisers.

Children and adults will gather and create beautiful, creative masterpieces alongside family and friends to benefit a significant cause. With a number of unique art fundraiser ideas, you could host a creative party with the help of Pretty in Pink to support a local school, church or charity to raise funds.

Give Your Donors Something to be Excited About

Choosing from outside the traditional “fundraiser pool of options” will help your charity stand out and attract more donors. While the primary focus of a fundraiser is to raise money for a good cause, frequent donors get tired of attending the same type of event. Unique, artsy fundraiser ideas will help bring attention to your charity and allow you the opportunity to shed light on a message that is important to you.

Art, in its various forms, brings people of all ages together. Whether donors wish to involve their friends, family, or community, it’s a moment they will share to contribute to a great cause. Painting is an expressive form of art that can create a rich experience for all of those involved, which is why Pretty in Paint is the center of various charities across the country. With our art parties, you won’t only feel good about donating, but about being involved and engaged with individuals who are just as passionate about the cause as you are.

If you want to incorporate art into your fundraising idea, you’ll have a greater chance of opening your charity to a broader audience. Those who enjoy painting will line up for the opportunity to create something that will go on to make a difference. To aid in your mission, Pretty in Paint will donate 50% of the profits of any paint party you do dedicated to a charity. Knowing their contribution helped raise funds and awareness, guests will appreciate being able to leave with their very own piece of artwork. At Pretty in Paint, we know you may not have access to a professional studio, which is why we are making it easier for our guests to enjoy themselves where it’s convenient for them.
Thousands of dollars and thousands of paintings later, Pretty in Paint has had success raising money and awareness, and we look forward to making your fundraising event one to remember.