On Location Paint Parties

On-Location Paint Parties

Pretty in Paint Parties is a mobile art studio bringing the art studio to you!  On-location paint parties are a fun, creative, and unique way to celebrate a birthday, raise money for a fundraiser, spend time with your friends, or have a team building event for your employees.  We bring everything you need to create your very own piece of artwork that you can proudly hang on your wall.  Pretty in Paint Parties has completed almost 1000 paint parties across the US and has had the pleasure of traveling to homes, restaurants, wineries, Churches, small businesses, large corporations, country clubs, schools, nursing homes, and neighborhood communities.  Bringing the art studio for an on-location paint party means the guests will feel comfortable in their own home, office, or perhaps their favorite restaurant.  Many restaurants will gladly open their doors for guests to have an on-location paint party in their establishment while enjoying food and drinks.

Looking for a new fundraising idea?  An on-location paint party is the perfect fundraiser.  We will travel to your location and the fundraiser will receive 50% of the proceeds of the party, and, the guests will leave with their very own piece of artwork.   Without the fixed space of a studio, Pretty in Paint has the flexibility to travel to any location, making it easier for our guests to enjoy themselves.  We have donated thousands of dollars to many fundraisers and are looking forward to having the opportunity to donate more through the flexibility of on-location paint party fundraisers.