Office Paint Parties

Rose party picLooking for something new for your next office party or team building event?  Paint parties are sweeping the nation as the newest social activity.  Paint parties are perfect any occasion including social events, birthday parties, fundraisers, and team building.  We will travel to any location and transform your office to an art studio.  You just provide the space, the table, and the chairs for the guests and we will do the rest.  We will cover the tables, and give each guest their own apron, easel, palette of paint, and paint brushes to use during the painting instruction.  Most adults haven’t picked up a paint brush since middle school and this experience can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience, while being therapeutic and relaxing.  All guests will paint the same painting and because we ask our guests to mix their own colors using the colors of red, blue, yellow, black, and white, everyone’s paintings will look different, beautiful and completely unique.  All paintings can be taken home that day by all employees, or they can be hung up in the office and provide beautiful and fun office decor.  Pretty in Paint offers a wide selection of paintings in our gallery.  All of our paintings are original pieces of artwork by our very own team of Pretty in Paint artists from all over the county.  What sets us apart from other paint party companies, it our variety of styles within our Gallery.  Each and every Pretty in Paint artist offers their own unique style, while still fitting into the “PIP Style” that we have created throughout the years.