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3 Ways to Encourage Creative Play in Toddlers

Creative play is crucial for a young child’s development. Kids are naturally curious, and creative play allows them to develop their imagination, problem-solving skills, and ability to get along with others. Setting aside some time every week to allow your child to explore his or her imagination can help boost your little one’s confidence and self-esteem as well.

Not sure how to start engaging your toddler in creative play? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Picture books. Reading a picture book together with your little one is a great way to stimulate both creativity and literary skills. Keep your toddler interested in what’s going on by asking questions about the situations in the story. Small yet engaging questions like “what would you do if you had magic powers?” or “do you think the rabbit will win the race?” can do wonders to get your toddler’s imagination flowing.
  • Musical instruments. Kids love to make their own music — and you don’t need an expensive instrument to teach your child all about the fun of music. A wooden spoon and a turned over pot can be just as much fun as a store-bought drum. If you do decide to buy your child an instrument, choose one that’s easy for a toddler to master. Some toddler favorites include xylophones, harmonicas, and maracas.
  • Arts and crafts. From drawing with chalk to creating with watercolors, kids love to create art. Help your little one get in touch with his or her creative side by joining in on the arts and crafts fun. You can even host a painting party for kids in Waukesha County to encourage teamwork as well as creativity!

At Pretty in Paint Parties, we love to help both children and adults unlock their passion for art. We make it easy to throw an art-centered birthday celebration, fundraiser, or even a non-traditional bachelorette party. If you’d like more information about our parties or some fun art fundraiser ideas for your next get-together, give us a call today at 800-381-9512.