5 Kids’ Birthday Ideas Perfect for Summer Parties

children painting on a sunny day

5 Kids’ Birthday Ideas Perfect for Summer Parties

Having a kids’ party is always fun, but it can be challenging to put one together at the last minute. If you want to give your child the best party ever, then you need to think ahead. Here are some great party ideas that let you book the date in advance for the summer season. Use this list to create the perfect summer party for your little one!

Visit a Trampoline Park

There are plenty of trampoline parks in the area. Why not have a day where the kids go and jump to their hearts’ content? A trampoline park might not be the best last-minute option due to COVID-19 closures, but parks will likely be open by the end of the summer season — and many are continuing to book advance parties.

Art Party

Does your little one like to draw, paint, and be creative? For a kids’ art party in NJ that your child won’t forget, call Pretty In Paint Parties now and book a date.

Bowling Party

While this may be a bit nostalgic for adults, kids still have a lot of fun bowling. This could be bumper bowling for the little ones or regular lanes for older kids.

Escape Room Party

If you want a party for older kids, why not book time in an escape room? They love trying to figure out the clues and must work together to solve the puzzle.

Movie Party

Going out to see the premiere of a new movie or theatrical play when it comes out could be a great thrill for your child. For many theaters, you can buy tickets ahead of time with some wiggle room on dates due to current circumstances. 

Hosting a kids’ paint party in NJ with Pretty in Paint is an easy way to give your child a birthday celebration they will remember for years to come. Give us a call today at 800-381-9512 to learn more or make your booking!

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