5 Virtual Hangout Ideas

5 Virtual Hangout Ideas

Everyone knows a great way to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is to limit time spent outdoors and avoid large gatherings. We understand it can be challenging to feel connected to your loved ones during these times — but there are plenty of fun ways to reconnect while also practicing safe social distancing.

Here are five fun ideas to add a little spice to your next virtual hangout:

  • Make dinner together. Choose one recipe and encourage all of your guests to set a camera up in their kitchen. Have fun troubleshooting issues with the recipe and enjoy a delicious meal at the end!
  • Host a Netflix party. The Netflix Party extension allows you to screenshare with your friends. Stream a movie or TV show and comment on it together!
  • Get together online for a virtual cocktail party. Hosting a virtual cocktail night can be just as much fun as making dinner together. Bonus points if you all bring a unique appetizer or cook one together.
  • Go for a walk or go somewhere green. If there is a local park or nature trail where you can travel while maintaining a safe distance from others, why not host your virtual hangout from the great outdoors? Be sure to bring a tripod to prevent your arm from getting tired!
  • Host a virtual painting party. Looking for a safe way to get creative with family and friends again? Hosting a virtual adult paint party in NC with Pretty in Paint Parties is a safe and fun way to reconnect while creating a unique work of art.

Pretty in Paint Parties is proud to announce they are now offering adult painting parties in NC online through Zoom. For additional information, reach out to our team!

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