Sisterhood Bonding Time: Sorority Team-Building Activities

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Sisterhood Bonding Time: Sorority Team-Building Activities

Your sisterhood is only as strong as the bond each sister has developed with one another. With team-building activities, you can not only get to know new sorority sisters, but you can also form lifelong friendships. Strengthen your sisterhood and build trust with these five insanely fun and heart-warming ice-breakers and bonding activities.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

This classic sorority activity has been uniting sisters and creating unforgettable memories for several years now. Make a list of items or tasks each team needs to find or complete. Then, divide the girls into a few different teams, hand them a list, and set them free to check things off their lists before time runs out.

They should take pictures or videos of the items they find or tasks they do to document their success. You can even have them post the photos and videos to social media so you can keep track of their progress IRL. At the end of the night, everyone can see who finished their list first. Award a prize to the winning group.

Host a Game Night

Everyone can get on board with a game night. Have each sister bring their favorite card or board game, and then draw names from a hat to see who will play together first (you’ll change up the teams as they play through different games). Good games to have on hand (in case some sisters forget to bring their favorites) are Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary. These games will reveal your sisters’ personalities and bring out all the laughs.

Have a Dance-Off

Pledging a new sorority can be a nerve-wracking time and is begging for an activity that will loosen everyone up. That’s where a dance party comes in! It’s hard to take yourself (and your sisterhood) too seriously when everyone’s wiggling and flailing across the dance floor.

You can host a classic dance party where everyone just busts out dance moves to their favorite songs. Or, you can spice things up and make it a dance-off. Break girls into teams and have them come up with a group dance to compete against the other teams. 

After everyone has a chance to dance, have each team member vote on their favorite dance (and they can’t vote for their own team, of course!). The winning team could be awarded a homemade trophy and gift cards to a coffee shop or restaurant.

Boost Each Other’s Confidence

One of the benefits of being a part of a sorority is having a group of friends to cheer you on and help you see the truth about yourself. Encourage your sisterhood to recognize the best in each other with this simple activity.

Write each sister’s name on a brown paper lunch sack. Then, get a ton of paint chips in various shades of colors, and come up with descriptions for each color. For example, yellows could mean a sister is caring, while purples could mean the sister is creative.

On the night of the sisterhood bonding event, you will have the sisters drop paint chips into the bags of the sisters that they believe the color describes. Once all paint chips have been distributed, each girl will make a collage with the color chips they have been given. This collage will serve as a visual reminder of what they are good at.

Sip Wine and Paint

Every sister has a creative side, whether they realize it or not. There’s no better way to remind each sister of their worth and to draw each other closer together than by getting your hands a bit dirty and creating something. Consider booking an in-studio or in-home paint party in Maryland at Pretty in Paint Parties for your sorority. You can plan for everyone to do the event together as one big group, or you can book painting sessions for smaller groups.

Our painting instructors will lead you and your sisters through a piece of art while you girls get to know each other better. At the end of the night, each sister will get to take home a unique painting that they can proudly hang in their room.

Reach out to us for paint party ideas for you and your sisterhood, and book your team-building party today!

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