4 Effective Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

4 Effective Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

Creative thinking is one of the most important emotional tools that children can develop. One study from researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that children with vivid imaginations can more effectively deal with physical pain. Creative children have also been found to be more confident, develop better social skills, and learn more quickly in the classroom. Luckily, creativity is a skill that can be honed over time—try employing a few of these creativity-building strategies in your little one!  

Let your child enjoy free time. From homework to violin lessons to soccer practice, kids today are more scheduled than ever before. Allowing your child to have a few hours of designated “free play” to do whatever they want a day can help support creativity in an unstructured environment.

Encourage problem-solving. If your child is older, you can encourage them to be creative by activating their problem-solving skills. Present your child with a simple problem (“Do you have any ideas on how we can make chores more fun?”) and encourage them to create a couple of solutions.

Help them create with friends. Everything is more fun with friends—especially arts and crafts! Hosting a kids painting party can help your little one build social skills and flex their imagination at the same time!

Allow children to have some space all to themselves. Your kids don’t need a fancy play area or a custom-made dollhouse to unlock their imagination. Creating a space that’s all for your son or daughter can do wonders for their imagination—even if it’s just a corner of his or her room devoted entirely to Legos or their favorite train set.

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