What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Everyone has a favorite color—but did you know that the hues you find yourself drawn to can say something about your personality? Read on to learn about what your favorite color says about you according to color psychology!

  • Red. Red is a color commonly associated with passion and proactiveness. If your favorite color is red, you’re more likely to be outgoing, assertive, and confident. You may have a bit of a temper but you’re also a total extrovert—and you’re always excited to take on a new challenge!
  • Blue. Shades of blue are often associated with calmness and tranquility. If blue is your favorite color, you’re more likely to be dependable, reliable, and the person that everyone always goes to for great advice.
  • Green. When most people think of the color green, they typically imagine lush forests and gardens—but green is also used to symbolize equilibrium between the head and the heart. If your favorite color is green, you’re more likely to enjoy thinking through abstract ideas and enjoying work and play in moderation.
  • Pink. Pink is a lighter form of red and is a color often associated with nurturing and optimism. Lovers of pink often enjoying helping others and sometimes have trouble putting themselves first.
  • Purple. Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty, but did you know that this color also represents compassion and gentleness? If your favorite color is purple, you may be more compassionate than those around you and more introverted as well.
  • Black. Black represents prestige and power. If black is your color of choice, you’re more likely to be serious and quick on your feet. You may have trouble getting closer to others emotionally but when the time comes to get down to business, everyone knows that they can rely on you for your superior problem-solving skills.

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