5 Self-Care Ideas for Adults

5 Self-Care Ideas for Adults

Self-care is about more than just bubble baths and face masks. At its heart, self-care is a way for busy men and women to reconnect with themselves and their passions and to take steps toward a healthier and more focused lifestyle. If you’ve been neglecting yourself in favor of work, children, or other obligations, take some time to get back in-touch with the things you love with one of these five great self-care ideas.

  • Try out a new exercise. When work or childcare gets too stressful, many of us begin to neglect our physical health. Research local recreational and fitness centers in your area and try out a fun new exercise. You may have a hidden passion for Zumba you didn’t even know about.
  • Practice deep breathing. Taking just five minutes a day to center yourself can do wonders for your mental health. Use a guided meditation app like Headspace to meditate for five to ten minutes a day using deep breathing exercises. You can even do it at your desk if you’re stressed out at work.
  • Take a hard look at your finances. It might not sound as fun as taking a spin class or running a hot bath but creating a sustainable plan for the future is a crucial part of self-care. Take a weekend to look at your finances and create a budget for your household. Then, do your best to stick to it throughout the month!
  • Cook a favorite dish. Nothing says “comfort” like a warm slice of apple pie or a cup of grandma’s famous beef stew. Pull out a tried-and-true recipe and whip it up for an instant sense of stress-relief.
  • Connect with friends. No matter if you’re a new parent or you’ve been throwing yourself headfirst into a project at work, it can be hard to find time to connect with our loved ones. Host a weekend get-together with some friends you’ve been missing. Wine tastings, movie nights, or painting parties in Waukesha County have the power to bring you and the people you love closer than ever before.

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