3 Creative Ways to Earn More Money

3 Creative Ways to Earn More Money

Who doesn’t need a little extra money in their budget? Many assume that earning more money means picking up another part-time job at the mall or your local shopping center, but the truth is that there are plenty of ways to earn money doing something you’re passionate about! If you’re searching for a fun way to earn a little more cash for the summer, try out one of our fun and exciting ideas.

  • Host a podcast. From gardening to video games, there are podcast listeners tuning into shows about every topic on the planet. Recording a podcast is a fun way to share information about your passions while also earning a little money on the side. All you need to begin podcasting is a computer and a microphone, and you can even record simple solo shows on your cell phone. Then, upload your podcast to YouTube or BuzzSprout and enable ads—the more people who listen, the more money you’ll earn!
  • Stream a video game on Twitch. Do you love to game? Twitch.com is a video game streaming platform that allows anyone to broadcast their gameplay to viewers all around the world. Free computer games (like League of Legends and Fortnite) attract a surprisingly large number of viewers, and audience members who have a great time listening to your commentary and watching you play can give you a tip or subscribe to your channel as a way of saying “thank you.”
  • Become a Pretty In Paint Parties franchisee. Are you passionate about pursuing a career in the arts and teaching others about the joy of painting? Pretty In Paint Parties is a mobile art studio hosting painting parties across the country—and we’re looking for budding artists to join our team! Earn money and host a paint party today when you become a Pretty In Paint Parties instructor!

Want to learn more about hosting your own painting party or becoming an instructor? Give Pretty In Paint Parties a call today at 800-381-9512!

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