5 Types of Art Your Creative Child Might Love

5 Types of Art Your Creative Child Might Love

Parents who know that their little one has a passion for art want to do everything they can to encourage their child’s creative development. But art goes far beyond coloring books and crayons — there are tons of different styles of art that your child might excel in. If you have a creative kid, consider introducing him or her to one of these 5 popular art styles.

  • Painting. Painting is a fun and exciting way to let children explore color interactions and palettes. Paint parties for kids in McHenry County can even allow kids to share their passion for art with friends on a special occasion!
  • Dance. All art isn’t visual — dance is a fun form of creative expression safe for children as young as two. If you have a younger child, try enrolling him or her in a creative movement class to instill a passion for dance.
  • Sculpture. Sculpture might not be suitable for toddlers but can be a fulfilling creative endeavor for school-aged children. From home pottery wheels to reusable clay, there are plenty of low-cost ways to bring sculpture into your home!
  • Writing. Even small children love to make up stories and play pretend. Channel that creative energy by helping your child create their own story. Write out the story on your child’s behalf with their assistance — then allow them to illustrate their story!
  • Song and music. Kids of all ages love music! If you have a school-aged child, inquire about school-sponsored band and music lessons. If you have a younger child, a set of maracas or a drum can help your little one explore their creative talents.

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