5 Unique Birthday Ideas for Grade Schoolers

5 Unique Birthday Ideas for Grade Schoolers

If you have a grade-schooler in your family, you likely already know how chaotic birthday time can be. So many kids want to invite all their friends over to their house for a big party, but that also means a big mess left for mom and dad to clean up the rest of the day. Cleanup can even stretch for days after the event if the party’s big enough.

Thinking about trying something new this year? Forget the big, messy birthday bash and consider one of these fun, unique ideas instead.

  • Take a trip to your local zoo. No matter if you live in Milwaukee or Philadelphia, going to the zoo is always tons of fun. Take a few parents and go to the zoo. Bring in a lunch and enjoy the fresh air for a fun and education outing!
  • Plan a late-night party. There’s nothing kids love more than staying up late. Instead of going for the full, standard sleepover idea, why not have a fun late-night event? You can play in the dark with glowsticks or even have a flashlight scavenger hunt!
  • Host a kids’ painting party. Putting on a kids’ art party in Milwaukee County is easy and fun for everyone. You call Pretty in Paint, they bring the supplies (and clean up the mess), and everyone invited to the party gets to explore their creative side with less hassle!
  • Enjoy a movie night. Kids love movies, so why not invite a few friends, put on some great classic movies, and have a popcorn fight? Well, the popcorn may be hard to clean up, but the rest sounds like fun!
  • Let the kids wear themselves out on trampolines. Trampoline parks are a great way to celebrate a birthday and get a great workout! Let the kids jump to their hearts’ content and go home so tired, they may not even want to eat cake.

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate a birthday party? Pretty in Paint Parties is here to make birthdays simple and fun. Give our team a call today at 800-381-9512 to get started or learn more!

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