What Are Effective Team-Building Exercises in the Workplace?

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What Are Effective Team-Building Exercises in the Workplace?

It can be tough to have a workplace that doesn’t interact much that also meets its full potential. In specific industries, it’s much more challenging to perform team bonding activities, but for most companies, ignoring team-building exercises only makes things harder on you, your team, and your clients. Fortunately, you can perform many activities for small and large groups to help build trust, improve communication skills, and help employees feel happier on the job. Here are a few effective team-building exercises you can start to implement today!

The Importance of Team Building Exercises

If you haven’t attempted to connect your team, you’re missing out on an untapped market. Most people have to work nearly every day of their lives, and it can be tough going into a work environment that’s dull, dry, and filled with employees that don’t work together as a team. 

Team-building exercises give members a way to understand what they like and dislike and how to communicate best with each other. They can also lead to camaraderie and trust, an essential aspect for teams working in various departments that must operate fluidly to perform at their best. Additionally, a good job can help team members feel like part of a group and not a whole, ensuring that most decisions are made with the growth of the business and staff in mind.

Solve Puzzles or Riddles

One of the easiest ways to bring your team together is to have groups try to solve a puzzle or riddles. They are fun and can teach team members how to work together to solve problems in a timely manner. If you really want to spice things up, give each team a time limit to work with so each member can contribute to the cause. It can lead to eye-opening conversations and a deeper understanding of each individual’s thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

Throw an Office Paint Party

What is an office paint party? It’s exactly what it sounds like! Throw a great event for your team where each individual displays their artistic talents and bonds over their paintings. It can help team members express their feelings in a relaxing environment, and you can even take home the paintings or set them up as beautiful wall art for your office. Make memories with this team-building game and help your office mates experience their creative sides. 

Have a Show and Tell

If your team members have any fun or exciting accomplishments, products, or talents? A show and tell can express the fun side of each person and take a deeper dive into their lives. Your show and tell doesn’t have to be personal, either. If you’re working in a large group, it can be a way to help your team understand what they’re working on, how they plan on accomplishing their goals, and how it impacts each department. Have certain groups break down their monthly or daily tasks in a fun and entertaining presentation that helps each team relate to each other. 

Host a Session for Brainstorming

Everyone has ideas, big and small, that pop into their heads. It can be easy for team members — especially ones a bit lower on the totem pole — to ignore their thoughts and file them into an archive of bad ideas. But why not spend time ensuring your team has a way to spread their minds with each other? 

A good business knows that no idea is a bad idea, and a large part of that is because productive thought and conversation can lead us down roads we may never have imagined possible. Have random brainstorming sessions where your team members can build the confidence to explore all their thoughts about the company, the work environment, and other aspects of the day-to-day while on the job. 

Don’t Forget Your Virtual Staff!

If you employ a remote workforce, it’s easy for your virtual team to fall out of favor. While they might not be in the office, they’re still an essential part of the direction of your company, so don’t forget to include them in the fun too. Host a virtual karaoke night where your virtual staff can show off their vocal skills, or host a scavenger hunt to win certain prizes and rewards. Throw employee wellness sessions or online Olympics that include the rest of the team. And when in doubt, try to fly in your remote team for a few days just to get them to meet the rest of their squad for an activity or two.

Throw a Team-Building Party and Bring Your Squad Closer Than Ever

When you work with the same team every week, why not get to know each individual inside and out? Effective team-building activities are a great way to do so, and the team at Pretty in Paint Parties can help you ensure continuity with groups big and small. Enhance your company culture and bond over shared experiences, office trivia, or team-building parties thrown by our team. Watch your productivity increase and grow your workforce by investing a bit of time in making your team happier. 

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