The 4 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold at Auction

The 4 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold at Auction

Could you ever imagine spending a million dollars on a painting? What about 300 million? Around the world, art collectors are willing to pay top dollar to own pieces that helped shape the history of painting and art. Some of the most valuable pieces of artwork ever sold at auction include…

  • Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is most well-known for masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. However, his other works of art are also priceless—including the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, a depiction of Jesus Christ titled Salvator Mundi that netted over $450 million.
  • Interchange by Willem de Kooning. An important remnant of the abstract era, Interchange sold at auction for about $300 million. The painting features bold strokes and striking shades of red, blue, and yellow.
  • The Card Players by Paul Cézanne. The Card Players is a series of paintings created by Paul Cézanne during the late 1800’s that were formulated before he created some of his most acclaimed works. The set sold at auction in Florida for $250 million in 2011. As the name suggests, the series features a set of men playing table games and smoking cigars.
  • Nafea Faa Ipoipo by Paul Gauguin. Nafea Faa Ipoipo, whose title translates to “When Will You Marry Me?”, is an oil painting by French post-impressionist Paul Gauguin. The painting was sold at auction for a whopping $210 million. It is the most expensive painting ever sold at auction to feature women of color as the subject.

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