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5 Virtual Hangout Ideas

Everyone knows a great way to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is to limit time spent outdoors and avoid large gatherings. We understand it can be challenging to feel connected to your loved ones during these times — but there are plenty of fun ways to reconnect while also practicing safe social distancing.

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How Color Affects How We Feel

Have you ever felt more energized after looking at an orange painting? When you spend time in a blue hotel room, do you feel more relaxed? Psychologists have shown that the colors we see can have an effect on our moods. Here are a few of the ways that color can affect the emotions you feel — and how you can use color in your interior decorating to your advantage.

  • Red. Red is a color that usually indicates alertness, passion, or excitement. Red artwork raises a room’s energy level and stimulates conversation. You might want to include red décor in your home’s entryway or dining room to keep the energy of your next gathering up.
  • Blue. Blue is a calm, relaxing, and serene color. Introducing blue artwork or décor to a space can help you set tensions at ease and unwind. If you’re planning on hosting or attending an adult paint party in Milwaukee County, you might want to use blue hues if you plan on displaying your creation in your bathroom or bedroom.
  • Orange. Orange is an invigorating and exciting color associated with creativity and enhanced activity and energy levels. If you have a home office or workout space, consider adding orange décor to boost yourself out of your midday slump.
  • Purple. Rich, dramatic shades of purple have long been associated with passion and creativity. Consider adding a few purple pieces of artwork to any space that you create in — like your office or workspace.

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5 Unique Birthday Ideas for Grade Schoolers

If you have a grade-schooler in your family, you likely already know how chaotic birthday time can be. So many kids want to invite all their friends over to their house for a big party, but that also means a big mess left for mom and dad to clean up the rest of the day. Cleanup can even stretch for days after the event if the party’s big enough.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Creativity

If you work in a creative career or you have a creative passion that you work on frequently, you’re probably intimately familiar with the feeling of having your creative juices run dry. While it’s normal for every artist to get stuck in a rut, there are a few easy steps you can take to enhance your creativity and get motivated again. Let’s take a look at a few strategies you can use to get your creative juices flowing again.

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5 Types of Art Your Creative Child Might Love

Parents who know that their little one has a passion for art want to do everything they can to encourage their child’s creative development. But art goes far beyond coloring books and crayons — there are tons of different styles of art that your child might excel in. If you have a creative kid, consider introducing him or her to one of these 5 popular art styles.

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